Our Team

Multi-Disciplinary Team:

The strength of the geriatric clinic and services at NIMHANS is the active contributions from the multi-disciplinary team of professionals from many departments spanning across the divisions of Behavioral sciences, Neurosciences and Basic sciences. There have been several intramural and extramural collaborations over these years that strengthened the activities of the Geriatric Clinic and services.

Geriatric Psychiatry Unit, Department of Psychiatry

Faculty within Unit

  • Dr. P.T. Sivakumar, Professor and Head of the Unit
  • Dr. Preeti Sinha, Additional Professor



Faculty from other Psychiatry Units

  • Dr. Santosh Loganathan, Professor, Adult Psychiatry Unit-3
  • Dr. Krishna Prasad M., Additional Professor, Psychiatry Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Ajit Dahale, Associate Professor, Adult Psychiatry Unit-3

Senior Residents

  • Dr. Thomas Gregor Issac
  • Dr. Gargi Mondal
  • Dr. Megha Sehrawat
  • Dr. Arathi J.S.
  • Dr. Abhishek Ramesh
  • Dr. Sanchari Mukhopadhyay


Junior Resident

  • Dr. Zainab Panwala


Fellow in Psychosocial elderly care

  • M/s. Aakanksha Singh Raghav

Department of Clinical Psychology


  • Dr. Keshav Kumar, Professor, Neuropsychology Unit
  • Dr. M.P. Sharma, Professor, Behaviour Therapy Unit
  • Dr. Jyotsna Agarwal, Associate Professor, Adult Psychiatry Unit-3

Clinical Psychologist

  • M/s Poonam B.K. Sahota

Department of Epidemiology


  • Dr. Girish N. Rao, Professor and Head

Department of Integrative Medicine


  • Dr. Shivarama Varambally, Professor and Head
  • Dr. Kishore Kumar R. Asisstant Professor
  • Dr. Hemant Bhargav, Asisstant Professor

Department of Mental Health Education

  • Dr. K.S. Meena, Additional Professor and Head
  • Dr. Latha K. Assistant Professor

Department of Nursing


  • Dr. Sailaxmi Gandhi, Additional Professor and Head

Department of Psychiatry Social Work


  • Dr. A. Thirumoorthy, Professor
  • Dr. Sojan Antony, Associate Professor

Ph.D Scholar

  • Ms. Cicil Vasanthra

Junior Consultant

  • M/s Priyanka Chandrasekaran