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About Vayomanasa Sanjeevani

Aging population is growing; faster in a developing country like India. The decline in birth rate and increase in life expectancy are primary contributors to this growth. This population is projected to grow from an estimate of 10 crores (8% of population) in 2011 to 32 crores (20% of our population) by the year 2050. Our efforts as a nation to cater to different issues of senior citizens are meagre. Among various concerns, mental health problems in older adults are a major challenge. Various factors, such as lack of awareness, stigma, neglect, difficulty in accessibility, and affordability, lead to a treatment gap of more than 90%. If we do not pay  attention to our geriatric population even now, the impact could be exceedingly adverse in the coming years.

To give a all-inclusive approach, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has decided to celebrate this decade (2021-2030) as ‘Healthy Aging’. Geriatric Clinic and Services, NIMHANS, Bengaluru decided on the mark of Elder’s Day, 1st October, 2020 to initiate this program, “Vayomanasa Sanjeevani”. The goal was clear; to put comprehensive efforts towards the promotion of mental health and well-being of every older adult. The objectives are detailed in our homepage.

‘The time has come to care for those who cared for us once. Join our endeavours and take pride and honour to serve the Senior Citizens.’  

Our Objectives

Develop Educational Resources

Build educative resources and promote public awareness about ageing and related mental health issues

Capacity Building

To promote capacity building in geriatric mental health interventions for lay counsellors, volunteers and care givers of older adults.

Implement Psychosocial Interventions

Using task sharing approach through psychosocial interventions delivered by lay counsellors, volunteers and caregivers – focussing on old age homes

Provide Geriatric Tele Psychiatry Services

Identify the conditions requiring professional interventions and provide geriatry tele psychiatry services through outreach services

Leverage Technology

Use technology – web-portal, online training, tele counselling and tele psychiatry) for effective implementation of all the objectives

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